Schedule, Week 8: May 16th-20th

Monday, May 16th | Profound Empathy and Self-Reflection

Wednesday, May 18th | Words Matter

  • Due:
  • Benchmarks (not due, but recommended):
    • You should have looked through the available pro and con articles, decided which one you would like to write about, and sign-up on the Google Doc (link here–you must be signed into your R’mail Account) for your chosen topic. Each topic can only have 6 people working on it, so sign up early to get the one you want.

Friday, May 20th | Turning Explanation into Analysis

  • Due:
    • Read:
      • Thoroughly read your topic’s pro and con articles
      • Bring the articles to class (print them out, if you can), because we will be working on analysis together—you will leave with a firm understanding of your topic.
    • BP 14 | Wrong Side of the Debate
  • Benchmarks (not due, but recommended):
    • Determine what you think is the common ground in this argument— what are the participants actually fighting about?