Letter from Heather: Our Final Class and the Heat

Hey all!

In the franticness of finishing your final paper, I want to make sure that you are also ready for our final class together.

  1. Final Exam: Make sure you are familiar with the final exam essay topic. Bring any questions you have to class. I will not be explaining the whole prompt, but answering questions.
  2. Readings: You do have two readings to look at for class today–one is a .pdf on iLearn and one is linked on the website. Although not long, they are very difficult; however, I have profound confidence in your abilities. The .pdf, by Walter Benjamin, is a classic, but it is written in a strange style. Don’t worry about focusing on narrative or finding any meaning, but let his ideas wash over you. He is trying to let you into his mind, his thought process, so just go along for the ride. The link, by Marcel Proust, is also a classic–you can impress anyone when you evoke “Proust’s Madelene.” For this one, just make sure you understand the madelene’s relationship to memory. It is a symbol, what does it symbolize?
  3. Heat Advisory: Given that it is 100 degrees outside and our little classroom is a furnace, I tried to get us another classroom. But I did not succeed. So, make sure you are prepared for the warmth: bring and drink a lot of water, wear appropriate clothes, and I promise we will get through it!




Schedule, Week 10: 5/30-6/3

Monday, May 30th | No Class

  • Due:
    • Nothing
  • Benchmarks (not due, just recommended):
    • Finish your Shitty Rough Draft, so that you can let it sit for a bit before editing.

Wednesday, June 1st | Shitty Rough Draft and Peer Review

  • Due:
    • Shitty Rough draft of 1,000 words. Make sure you print it off!
  • Benchmarks (not due, just recommended):
    • Finish up that essay and start, as early as possible, on the reading for Friday.

Friday, June 3rd | Self-Reflection

  • Due:
    • “Finding Common Ground” Paper
    • Read:
      • Proust, excerpts from “Remembering the Past
      • Benjamin, “Theses on the Philosophy of the Past” [PDF on iLearn]