Letter from Heather: Our Final Class and the Heat

Hey all!

In the franticness of finishing your final paper, I want to make sure that you are also ready for our final class together.

  1. Final Exam: Make sure you are familiar with the final exam essay topic. Bring any questions you have to class. I will not be explaining the whole prompt, but answering questions.
  2. Readings: You do have two readings to look at for class today–one is a .pdf on iLearn and one is linked on the website. Although not long, they are very difficult; however, I have profound confidence in your abilities. The .pdf, by Walter Benjamin, is a classic, but it is written in a strange style. Don’t worry about focusing on narrative or finding any meaning, but let his ideas wash over you. He is trying to let you into his mind, his thought process, so just go along for the ride. The link, by Marcel Proust, is also a classic–you can impress anyone when you evoke “Proust’s Madelene.” For this one, just make sure you understand the madelene’s relationship to memory. It is a symbol, what does it symbolize?
  3. Heat Advisory: Given that it is 100 degrees outside and our little classroom is a furnace, I tried to get us another classroom. But I did not succeed. So, make sure you are prepared for the warmth: bring and drink a lot of water, wear appropriate clothes, and I promise we will get through it!




Letter from Heather: Remembered Event Grades


Hi all!

Your grades have been posted for your first essay along with my comments.

If you are having difficulty accessing my comments, here is a quick video I made to help you out.

I welcome questions about your final grade; however, there are 3 provisions:

  1. I require a 24 hour waiting period to provide a little distance. (So, Friday during office hours is fine)
  2. You must read all of my comments and bring targeted problems and issues to my attention.
  3. I will not talk about it over email or in a short chat after class. You should plan on attending office hours, so that we have the time and the privacy to go over all of your questions. (The link to sign up for an appointment is here)

If you have any questions, of course, let me know!



Updates: Week 2

Hey All!

Now that the craziness of the first week is over, I have fixed a few items that did not seem to be working correctly:

  1. Homework: Posting the homework for the week on the blog was a bit cumbersome, and it led to people reading the wrong materials for Friday. So, I have made a page, which is located in the above menu, where all of the homework will be listed. That way you do not need to search through the blog to find the right post.
  2. In-Class Discussion: When you’ve taught as much as I have, you recognize that all classes have a personality. After last week, I am getting the impression that ours is a more strong and silent sort of class. That is great, but it means that our in-class discussion is going to have to include more structured participation. As a first step, in class today we are going to be making name cards (so that everyone can learn names quickly) and engaging in more in-class, pre-talking writing. This will not effect the way you prepare for class, just what we are going to be doing in class.
  3. Discussion Questions: As requested, I have added discussion questions to your reading this week. If this seems to help, then I will continue to do so. You do not have to write anything up formally, but you should be able to answer the questions (or attempt to) when asked. Remember: bring the readings to class! I noticed today many of you did not have access to the readings, either printed or on your computer. This is just not acceptable. We are going to talk about the readings, so, please, bring them.

Those are the things that I noticed last week, if you have any ideas how to streamline the website or the class, then please come see me during office hours or shoot me an email. I would love to fix problems before they actually become problems.

Also, I have followed all of you on Tumblr. I am 99.9% sure that I located all of you. But, if you do not have me as a follower yet, shoot me an email just to make sure that you are on my list.

Comments? Questions? Concerns? Let me know!



Links to the Course Google Docs

Hi All!

I just sent an email to everyone who wrote their email addresses on the sign-in sheet in class today. It includes links to the Tumblr Account sheet and the Autobiographical Song (aka Extra Credit) sheet.

If you did not receive this note, send me an email (hvanm001@ucr.edu) as soon as you can. I will forward the links to you directly.

If you are having problems viewing the documents, make sure that you are logged out of all of your other email addresses. Then log in directly to your R’mail account. Because I don’t want the world to see our sign-up sheets, access is limited to those with R’mail accounts only.

See you Wednesday! And don’t hesitate to email me with comments, questions, and concerns.