Schedule, Week 10: 5/30-6/3

Monday, May 30th | No Class

  • Due:
    • Nothing
  • Benchmarks (not due, just recommended):
    • Finish your Shitty Rough Draft, so that you can let it sit for a bit before editing.

Wednesday, June 1st | Shitty Rough Draft and Peer Review

  • Due:
    • Shitty Rough draft of 1,000 words. Make sure you print it off!
  • Benchmarks (not due, just recommended):
    • Finish up that essay and start, as early as possible, on the reading for Friday.

Friday, June 3rd | Self-Reflection

  • Due:
    • “Finding Common Ground” Paper
    • Read:
      • Proust, excerpts from “Remembering the Past
      • Benjamin, “Theses on the Philosophy of the Past” [PDF on iLearn]

Schedule, Week 9: 5/23-5/27

Monday, May 23rd | Current Events–Relating Abstract Concepts in Concrete Ways

  • Due:
    • Find your current event
      • Locate a news item that relates to your chosen debate—a Google News search will be your best bet.
      • Make sure that your event comes from a reputable news source.
    • Once you find a news item, see if other newspapers have also written about it.
      • Be prepared to present your event to your classmates
      • Read them carefully
  • Benchmarks (not due, but recommended):
    • Draft your thesis and make a rough outline of your paragraphs, topic sentences, and examples you want to include in your paper.

Wednesday, May 25th | To a Better Conclusion

  • Due:
    • Reading
      • Hale, chapters “Voice,” “Lyricism,” and “Rhythm,” from Sin and Syntax [iLearn]
    • BP 15 | A Day in the Life
  • Benchmarks (not due, but recommended):
    • Start flushing out your essay. Set a number goal for yourself—250 words, or something—to get motivated to start early.

Friday, May 27th | No Class

Schedule, Week 8: May 16th-20th

Monday, May 16th | Profound Empathy and Self-Reflection

Wednesday, May 18th | Words Matter

  • Due:
  • Benchmarks (not due, but recommended):
    • You should have looked through the available pro and con articles, decided which one you would like to write about, and sign-up on the Google Doc (link here–you must be signed into your R’mail Account) for your chosen topic. Each topic can only have 6 people working on it, so sign up early to get the one you want.

Friday, May 20th | Turning Explanation into Analysis

  • Due:
    • Read:
      • Thoroughly read your topic’s pro and con articles
      • Bring the articles to class (print them out, if you can), because we will be working on analysis together—you will leave with a firm understanding of your topic.
    • BP 14 | Wrong Side of the Debate
  • Benchmarks (not due, but recommended):
    • Determine what you think is the common ground in this argument— what are the participants actually fighting about?