Post Topics

Post 1 | A Photo | Wednesday, March 30th

Select any photo of yourself, old or new, that has meaning. It could be a photo with a beloved family member or pet, or it could be you doing something that you really enjoy. Think of this as your first introduction: what do you want to convey about yourself? What is important for us to know about you? All you need to do is post your photo, no commentary need.

Post 2 | 6-Word Memoir | Friday, April 1st

Write your biography. The catch: it cannot be longer or shorter than six words. When you have several hundred words, it is easy to convey a lot of information about yourself. It is much more difficult and potentially more powerful if you take your time, select your words carefully, and work within a set of restrictions. Take your time crafting a really good story about yourself, using each of your six words purposefully. For inspiration, check out the 6-Word Memoirs of NPR.

Post 3 | Shitty Writing | Monday, April 4th

Write about your day. Just start typing. Put words together to form rough sentences. Do this for 20 minutes without stopping (seriously, set an alarm). Pretend the backspace button is broken or does not exist. Just write like Lamont wants you to, without a thought for “good” or “perfect” or a grade. Write the words as they come into your mind, like your fingers are the conduits for your thoughts or like you are talking to your best friend. Don’t spell check; don’t count your words. Just write.

Post 4 | In the Style of Sedaris | Wednesday, April 6th

Now that you have read five different short stories by David Sedaris, see if you can imitate his writing style. Select an event in your own life for the Sedaris treatment,         and see what you come up with. Shoot for 200 words, but go as long as you would   like. Think about how it feels to try to write like someone else. Does it feel natural?        Exciting? Painful?

Post 5 | Famous Intersections | Monday, April 18th

Have you ever seen/met/run into a famous person? Convey (in whatever way you want) not only the experience (who, what, when, where), but what it felt like. What was your reaction? Were you sure it was them? If you have never seen a famous person, would you want to? Who? Why? Imagine that interaction.

Post 6 | Interview Yourself | Wednesday, April 20th

Pretend you are being interviewed for whatever reason. What questions would you hope they asked? What questions do you want to answer? Why? What questions would you want them to not ask? Why?

Post 7 | Our Rooms | Friday, April 22nd

The spaces we inhabit say a lot about us–what we like to do, what we hate doing, how we spend our time, our personal histories, etc. What does your room say about you? Convey in whatever way you want your room. Don’t limit yourself to your dorm room (unless that is what you think of as your room), but write/draw/convey whatever space you think of as “your room.”

Post 8 | HONY-Style | Monday, April 25th

HONY (Humans of New York) is a project to document, in words and images, everyday people and their everyday experiences. Brandon, armed with his camera, goes around NYC and interacts openly, kindly, and lovingly with strangers. Your task is to imitate HONY on UCR’s campus. Say hello to and talk with a stranger, a classmate, a professor. For this post, document this experience in some way. Brandon takes a photograph and pairs it with some text, but you document it in your own way… a photo, a recording, a scrap of paper, a selfie… whatever. If you need inspiration, check out the HONY website or ask me to borrow his book!

Post 10 | You Probably Think This Song is About You | Wednesday, May 4th

Inspired by “Your So Vain,” share a song that seems like it was written about you. It            can be any song that, when you listen to it, makes you feel that the songwriter had you in mind. What is it about this song? Why does it make you feel that way? Do you like the song? What does it say about you?

Post 11 | Your Concept | Friday, May 5th 

What concept has defined your life? Think about what a concept is, as we discussed in class on Monday. Then find your concept. It can be anything.

Post 12 | Selfie | Monday, May 8th

Take a selfie. This isn’t just any selfie, but one that defines who you are at this exact moment. It could be with important people or at an important place, but it needs to define you as you are right now.

Post 13 | Punctuate Your Life | Wednesday, May 18th

After reading Foer’s article, “On the Punctuation of Heart Disease,” and listening to the Lexicon Valley podcast, create your own punctuation! What grammatical tool do you think the English language should have? Using what you heard and read, invent your own punctuation or use an existing word in a new way. Describe why English needs this innovation, what your invention is, and give an example of how to use it. Be creative, there is no right or wrong here!

Post 14 | The Wrong Side of the Debate | Friday, May 19th

I really have no other direction to give than the title: “The Wrong Side of the Debate.” See where it takes you.

Post 15 | A Day in the Life | Wednesday, May 25th

It is a common trope, writing about a single day in the life of someone. These sorts of writings allow readers to understand a relationship between the mundaneness of everyday life and the ruptures that extraordinary events can be therein. For this entry, find a way to convey a normal day in your life.

Post 16 | When You Grow Up | Friday, May 27th

For this final post, I want you to look forward. How we envision the future says a lot about who we are in the present. So run with this idea: when you grow up…