Unit 1: Remembered Event

[Remembered Event Schedule–week 1-3]


Life is not a series of exciting, wrenching, joyous, or traumatic events. Instead, life happens in the boredom of normal life. Things like being late for a bus, going to a particular café on a particular day, slipping on ice, or buying a dog can, inadvertently, change the direction of your life.

For this first paper, you will attempt to capture the personal significance of a seemingly mundane event. This could include almost any memory you have, as long as it is both truthful and important.

Key Components

  • Well-Told Story: a thought-out Dramatic Arc (SMG 12), proper use of dialogue, effective paragraph structure (in-class activity on 4/11), and appropriate tone (in-class discussion on 4/6).
  • Vivid Description: using names and details (SMG 20-21 and 39-41), and appropriate tone (in-class discussion on 4/6).
  • Autobiographical Significance


This paper should be no shorter than 1,000 words. It should be submitted on iLearn through the Remembered Event Dropbox, where it will be checked for plagiarism and graded.

Your paper is due at 3:00pm on Friday, April 15th. However, you can turn it in any time before then.

Remember, late work is not accepted for any reason. In addition, failure to turn in any paper will result in an automatic failure of ENG 1A.


  • Length:
    • Minimum length met, 1,000 words, excluding headers
    • Record word count either in the header or at the end of the paper
  • Format
    • Font: 11-12 point font, any serif style
    • Page number on each page, in the header or footer
    • Your header should include:
      • Name
      • Date
    • Title: A creative title, centered and underlined
  • Content
    • Does this paper answer the prompt?
    • Does it meet the standards of a well-told story?
    • Does it meet the standards of vivid description?
    • Is it autobiographically significant?
  • Editing
    • Did you bring a shitty rough draft to class on Wednesday, April 13th?
    • Did you read your paper aloud to check for awkward phrases?
    • Did edit your paragraphs for clarity? Remembering to include exposition, example, and explanation sentence where they belong?
    • Did you incorporate some of your classmates’ suggestions into your rough draft?


  Excellent Good Satisfactory Needs Improvement Needs Vast Improvement
A Well-Told Story


Vivid Description of People and Places


Autobiographical Significance


Grammar/Mechanics/Syntax/MLA Format/Works Cited