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Becoming a better writer is not something that happens all at once. Instead it is some strange alchemy that blends the mechanics–an appropriate tone, the command of grammar and syntax, and an understanding of your audience–with the more ineffable qualities of style, personality, and entertainment. A perfect paper in one category might ultimately fail in every other respect; a paper that only achieves an average level in each component might somehow be better than the sum of its parts.

In other words: there is no perception for a good paper, because everyone needs to find their own particular blend of these ingredients.

To account for that in Beginning Composition, I want to make sure that you have more than enough space to experiment with your style, tone, and content, to risk failure, and to discover your own creative voice.

That is where the Blog Project (called BP in your homework schedule) comes in. Instead of taking an exam, you will build a project throughout the quarter that emphasizes you–your life, your writing, and your creativity.


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