Schedule: Week 2, 4/6-4/10

For Week 2…

Monday, April 6th: “Writing is…”

  • Homework Due
    • BP:
    • Read:
      • Lamont, “Shitty Rough Draft” [the PDF is on iLearn]
      • Didion, “On Keeping a Notebook” [the PDF is on iLearn]
  • Paper Benchmarks (suggested, not required)
    • Now that you have an event, brainstorm everything you can about the event. Smell? Feel? Sounds? As well as location and people? What were you wearing? What season was it? … and on and on. Give yourself some time to think through your remembered event. Re-experience it, before your write it.
    • Use SMG pages 33-35 to guide you on this.

Wednesday, April 8th: Taking a Tone

Friday, April 10th: Introductions

  • Homework Due
    • Write up a Rough Draft of your Introduction (shoot for 200 words)
      • Use SMG pages 42-44 as a guide
      • Make the font 18pt (aka, BIG)
      • Double-Space it
      • Print it out
  • Paper Benchmarks (suggested, not required)
    • None, because you are already working on an introduction!

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